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It is a smart platform supported by artificial intelligence to analyze the minutes of text and audio meetings, so that the system works to classify and group similar words and topics and present them in one context Such as (actions - follow-ups - ....), which facilitates the follow-up and control of many of the actions taken in the meetings and also works to record, summarize and share the salient points with the work team.


WAJEZ+ makes your meetings smarter and more actionable, with voice and video calling features, meeting scheduling, and smart analysis built into the WAJEZ system.

WAJEZ / WAJEZ+ features

Clear ownership of action and quick follow ups

Streamline all your meetings in one place

Automate your repetitive work and save time

Create Scheduled and instant meeting

Multiple Authentication options

Live Chat / Real-time messaging

Complete users’ management system

Audio, video, and screen-sharing options

Realtime processing – process live streams in all supported languages


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