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Smart Advertising Technology powered by facial recognition

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Use Intelligent digital billboards as a source for audience data, and display target ads.

It encompasses the engagement of the viewing public and the collection of data based on that interaction.


Key Features

AI-based Face Recognition

A well programmed system delivers relevant Ads to audience

Inspire the viewer to Act as a customer

Inspire the viewer to Act as a customer

Engage Your Audience

Display the right ads to the right audience

Better Customer and brand loyalty

Analyze and optimize ads

Increase Brand Impression and sales

SMART ADS, help you to collect important insights and understand your audience behavior

Hardware Hardware

Flexible solution with combinations that fit customer needs

Computer Camera Digital Billboards

Software Software

Facial recognition System, track and evaluate data points like:

Age Gender Groups Facial Expression Count Audience Engagement Time

SMART ADS - Dashboard SMART ADS - Dashboard

Intelligent Dashboard to run and control system

  • Create different Ads
  • Create models content for different Billboards
  • Schedule and push ads to billboards
  • The intelligent Dashboard to run system

    Collect important metrics such as

  • Unique visitors
  • Viewer demographic
  • Customer statistics
  • Ads Feedback
  • Collect important metrics such as

    Using Data Analytics and Interactive Displays to Create Meaningful Experiences

    This solution can be used to

    Place targeted ads

    Promote events

    Make announcement

    For all Business Solutions such as:

  • Retail’s Retail’s
  • Hotels Hotels
  • Shopping Malls Shopping Malls
  • Events Events
  • Clinics Clinics
  • Offices Offices
  • Contact us to discuss a solution suitable for your business

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