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WAKEB Aerial Intelligence

Enabling intelligent integration to offer new opportunities for Government services, emergency services, businesses, and individuals.

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AI – Embedded

Full Customized

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Advanced UAV, For different Business Case’s and industries

Our systems excel in endurance, autonomy, and connectivity, generating more secure and valuable data, elevating the capacity of our customers to make safer, smarter, and faster decisions.

Our solid approach

Our goal is to deliver total solutions that are well executed, cost-effective, and operationally ready.



Deliver total solutions that are well executed and cost-effective



Deliver total solutions that are well executed and cost-effective


Adapted to any application, mission, or environment

Expert Training

Expert Training

Training clients for comprehensive control and use customized solutions



Provide all comprehensive technical support

Our Services

We propose end-to-end solutions based on artificial intelligence and drones. Based on our experience in computer vision and deep learning

AI-Embedded Solutions

Our drones today can operate at a high level of efficiency using intelligent cameras with an integrated system that enables advanced AI applications in Edge for applications that need a real-time response.

On-Premise Based Solutions

Depending on customers' need, goal and work environment, we provide solutions to run AI-based applications on ground systems to receive data during or after the flight.

On-Cloud Based Solutions

We provide cloud-based AI solutions and applications. This solution gives our customers the ability to remotely process their data on secure servers with fast response.

AI applications for Drones / UAVs

Artificial intelligence gives machines the ability to interact in an intelligent and responsive manner. This is why applications for the integration of drones and artificial intelligence have been developed to respond to many needs in the processes of monitoring, analyzing and transmitting aerial images.

A drone is able to detect hundreds of object categories in near real-time and providing applications for different sectors such as energy, construction, security, industry and agriculture.

Drones are used in human identification tasks, crowd control operations, and people detection, which helps in disaster management tasks and other operations

We develop vehicle and license plate recognition systems via drones, particularly for traffic data collection, various business applications, monitoring and control, and more.

We provide remote sensing and computer vision technologies systems for drones to help detect and monitor fires in large areas, cities and more

Petrol Option

Petrol Option

For Applications That Require Longer Endurance A Petrol Propulsion Option Is Also Available.

Optimized Design

Combination Of Endurance And Range Ensuring That Electronically Sensitive Payloads And Communication Systems Can Achieve Maximum Performance.

Handling And Transport

Rapidly Assembled And Deployed, By One Person, In Under 2 Minutes.

Endurance And Range

Provide The Ideal Balance Between Endurance, Of Up To 3 Hours, And Range, Of Up To 100Kms.


Payloads Including High-Resolution Mapping Systems To Advanced Surveillance EO/IR Cameras With Object Tracking And More.

Flight Characteristics

The VTOL Capabilities Means That There Is No Need For Launch Or Recovery Equipment Nor A Run Way Of Hundreds Of Meters.


The ATLAS-V Is A Fixed-Wing VTOL Unmanned Aerial System (UAS) Designed And Manufactured By NEXTECH, To Support Multiple Missions Of different Applications, such as industrial, Search-And-Rescue (SAR) Teams.

ATLAS-V Full Features

We build high suitable customized solution for all Industries

We are working on developing and applying artificial intelligence systems in an integrated manner with the capabilities of drones, for their ease of use, being safer, more stable, and easier to control, allowing them to be used in a much wider range of applications.

Examples of our solutions in operational situations

Contact Us To Discuss A Suitable Solution For Your Business Using AI-Embedded System For Drones.

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