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Smart Shopping Experience Via Chats And Social Media Applications Provide You With Smart Solutions To Reach Your Customers And Increase Sales

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Key Features

G-tech enables your customers to buy your products straight from the chat anytime anywhere and solve customer queries

G-TECH Your Personalized Customer Support Manager 24 X 7

Reduce Cost
No waiting time No waiting time
Rapid Response Rapid Response
Customer Support Customer Support

What Makes G-TECH "The BEST Ecommerce Bot"?

Online Payment Purchase

Classify Products

Provide Product Recommendations

Understand User Intent And Sentiment

Improve User Experience

Increase Sales

Target Customers Segments

Customers Support

Customize Chatbot Widget for Multiple Communication Platforms

G-TECH offers an AI-based Chatbot -Respond to your customers immediately while offering them personalized shopping experiences with AI bot for eCommerce. Be it WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Twitter, Telegram, Skype, or any other communication platform.

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eCommerce Support & Shopping

Hi Ahmed! What’s Up?

Hi Ahmed! What’s Up?

Explore New Products

Show items in the shopping cart while in the chat. with the process of checking out directly from the chat window instead of going to the site.

تمكين العملاء من الدفع مقابل المنتجات باستخدام بروتوكول دفع آمن

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Ahmed Mohamed Mahmoud

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9586 9594 4944 4595

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09 / 18



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Transaction Complete Successfully

Your customers can ask G-TECH to get the purchase invoice.


Hi Ahmed! What’s Up?

Please send me my last invoice

Ok, your last invoice is 120$


Add the address to customers profile, to facilitate the delivery process.


Hi Ahmed! where do you want to get orders

please deliver my orders to my home location

Ok, send your location

Your delivery location is registered now

Help customers to track their orders and provide them the live status.


Hi Ahmed, how could I help you?

I want to track my last order!

Ok, could you send order number?


Your order is prepared now

when it comes ready we will notify you

Help customers to track their orders and provide them the live status.


Hi Ahmed, how could I help you?

I've received a wrong order !

Ok, could you send order number?


We have received your complaint

You will receive update after we check your case

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