Big data


Wakeb provide big data services as Big data also comes in a greater variety of formats than traditional data, and it is gathered at a fast rate  


collect data at a high rate of speed

Think of all the data that comes in every day, or every minute, from a social media source

The ability to control data

The amount, variety, and speed of that data are what make it so valuable to businesses, but they also make it very complex to manage or analysis

Big data integration

Brings in different types of data from batch to streaming band transforms it so that it can be consumed

Big data management

stores and processes data in a data lake or data warehouse efficiently, securely, and reliably, often by using object storage

Big data analysis

uncovers new insights with analytics and uses machine learning and AI visualization to build models

As big data gets bigger, so will the opportunities

Companies are using big data to improve and accelerate product development, predictive maintenance, the customer experience, security, operational efficiency, and much more

The goal of data management

Wakeb tools for Data Management Services aims to help individuals, organizations and related objects improve the use of data in an organized scale so that they can make decisions and take actions that increase the benefit to businesses and organizations

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