Smart Ads

Smart advertising technology that can target customers based on their characteristics

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Have you ever thought about smart targeting customers to advertise your products? Through the smart ads program, you can easily target customers and customize a suitable ad for them instead of displaying specific ads that do not change and may not be suitable for everyone Technology identifies passengers in shopping stores, through their facial features such as gender, age, emotional expressions and wearing glasses and recommends advertisements based on these predictions


Relevant Advertisement

Smart Ads help in delivering relevant ads to the target audience.

Gender recognition

Smart ads system can monitor and identification gender (men/women).

Analyze data vision quickly

Possibility of displaying more than one promotional material according to a different target audience.

Customize according to customer needs

System can be customized according to users it could use more than one model, ensuring diversity and all customers needs

Advanced Dashboard

Excellent control panel through which the system is controlled, Ad insertion and identification of billboards

Customer’s attention time

Measure customer’s attention time while while watching ads.

Data-sets Vision technology

We make our solutions smarter, use cases broader, and delivering high quality labeled datasets methodologies to create the datasets your business need.

Facial Recognition for Customer Feedback

Marketers are well aware of the importance of feedback from the customers. One of the best things about Smart ads is that it is trackable.

How it works

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