Image Analysis

Analysis of visual content found in an image, Use tagging, domain-specific models, and descriptions

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Boost content discover-ability, accelerate text extraction, and create products that more people can use by embedding vision capabilities in your apps


Innovation within reach

Transform your app with computer vision, all through an API call.

Powerful content extraction

Pull from a deep index of objects and languages that collects insights at scale.

Objects Detection and classification

The algorithms define and categorize objects within images and display them as simple content

Detection brands and logos

Algorithms define and recognize well-known brands and logos into simple content

Detection famous personalities

The algorithms work to recognize and identify famous personalities compared to the stored database

Ease of use and integration with different applications

Algorithms work to discover and identify text written in images and extract them to usable content and can be integrated into different applications or various platforms.

A wide range of use

We can use the system in several different fields and activities. Also, in the shipping of supplies, and the medical industry through scanned images, among other multiple options.

How it works

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