Footfall Analysis

The latest technologies to count and track customers

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Measure and analyze visitors' footfall, you can work out key metrics such as conversion rate and determine demand and staffing levels.


Determine in-store activity

Identify and track an individual's itinerary within a specific location and locate the most frequent stops.

Understand customer behavior

With footfall analytics, it is easy to understand customer behavior and improve decision-making regarding marketing, layouts and more.

Improved In-store

Operation Footfall count information can help in restocking of merchandise, staff shift allocation, and improvement of customer service, which are vital for constant growth. Distribution of more staff in high traffic areas and shift allocation can be done depending on how many customers are in the store at a particular time.

Enhanced Customer Service

Footfall counting benefits include giving insights on high traffic areas, which is useful in rectifying store layout and display to provide frictionless customer experience

Full Dashboard Statistics

Obtaining the most important data in real-time and historical reports (Daily-Monthly-Yearly) in a complete statistics board to take appropriate decisions

How it works

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