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Gain deep understanding of customer's preferences, passions, and behavior to drive your customers make haste and buy your products, in addition to making smarter and faster business decisions. Why Automated Social Media Sentiment Analysis? Wakeb gives a complete analysis of customer’s thoughts and satisfaction through observing what they post on their social media

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Automated Social Media Sentiment Analysis Competitive Analysis In order to maintain your place in the market, you have to analyse your competitors, grow your brand and monitor your keywords. You need to know how people feel about your business, you should also have a sense of how they feel about your competitors, especially when people are searching for recommendations. Through social networks analytics and sentiment analysis you can monitor, analyze and summarize data and content in few clicks. Also, you can win the competition because you have more insights and faster responses.

We know that monitoring all of these platforms manually can certainly be boring and time-consuming as the online marketer must share the post on all the platforms. That's why we recommend a social listening tool to save time. Additionally, you can track keywords related to your brand even when the customers don't search for it directly. Cover the content your customers prefer. Analyze opinions of people and comments on your brand. Analyze searching keywords and hashtags. Make sure your customer understands your message. Easily analyze the impact of every campaign.


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Automated Social Media Sentiment Analysis

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Competitive Analysis

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Social Media Posting

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The importance of Automated Sentiment Analysis